Our Services

Chicopee Against Addiction  provides comprehensive community-based  care to adults and teens, services include:

- Birth control
- Emergency contraception
- Overdose prevention & education
- *Syringe access & disposal (coming Soon)
- Narcan training & access
- Breastfeeding support
- Food access
- Community education
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We offer community education and trainings on the following topics:

opioid use & overdose prevention, sexual & reproductive  health,Alcohol

Addiction, nicotine addiction and suicide prevention.
Referrals to drug treatment programs and medical care

Sterile syringe pickup (coming soon)

Used syringe disposal (coming soon)

Safer injection education & supplies (bleach kits, alcohol swabs, cottons)

Safer sex supplies: free condoms, lube, dental dams

Help with benefits like food assistance and housing referrals.

Narcan (naloxone) access and training

Community education on recognizing, preventing, and reversing overdose
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